1. Since last year January till now I haven’t received any cent of 350 grant but but I applied for it on January 2023 I don’t know what’s wrong because I’ve tried everything…. I’d be happy if I can get help

  2. I was my cellphone number to apply but when I check my status it said phone Number is invalid! I don’t know what is going on please help!

  3. I was use my phone Number to apply for R350 but when I check my status it said phone number is invalid. Please help!

  4. Hi since I’ve applied for srd sassa grant R350i haven’t received any of it since last year December till today it says approved but for pay date it says null,can you please help me thank you.

  5. Hi i haven’t received my R350 since October last year and this mont is still pending i would like to know whats the problem

  6. I am 59 yrs and unemployed. You’re always talking about youths regarding jobs.What about US old people. I am not getting old age grant. How am l going to survive without a job.

  7. Hello

    I have requested changing of my contacts details for my sassa R350 grand but I haven’t received any reply on that till now

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